Iowa Lawyers Assistance Program

Iowa Lawyers Don’t Have To Face Their Problems Alone



The practice of law is a stressful occupation, indeed. Day in and day out, attorneys focus on resolving other people’s problems, while by and large ignoring their own.

The daily pressures faced in our profession can lead to inordinate stress, which, in many cases, can result in alcohol and drug abuse, depression, gambling problems, burnout or other emotional upheaval.

There is a solution

Iowa lawyers don’t have their problems alone. Confidential help is available from Iowa lawyers who have “been there, done that.”

In most cases, the initial call for help to ILAP comes from a fellow attorney or family member.

How can ILAP help?

ILAP considers the attorney’s unique circumstances in suggesting a course of action and in assisting the lawyer in need, the law firm or the family.

ILAP can arrange treatment, counseling, peer support or other help as needed..

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