The practice of law is a stressful occupation, indeed. Day in and day out, attorneys focus on resolving other people’s problems, while by and large ignoring their own.

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The Iowa Lawyers Assistance Program has a proven record of helping Iowa lawyers and judges, confidentially and free of charge, the goes back more than 25 years. We are in a firsthand position to confirm what research studies show: addiction is highly treatable. Similarly, depression, anxiety, marital and family problems, career issues and other personal difficulties can be successfully managed and overcome. We can help, but only if you contact us. 

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The Purpose of the Iowa Lawyer Assistance Program is to provide immediate and continuing help to lawyers, judges and law students who suffer from addictions and other types of mental health disorders.

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Whatever a law student, lawyer, judge or concerned person shares with us is strictly confidential.  Iowa Lawyers Assistnace Program has no reporting relationship with any other organization, individual or group. We do not and will not disclose the names or any other identifying information of our clients to anyone.

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By Hugh Grady, Director

Iowa Lawyers Assistance Program

I practiced law competently and successfully for 16 years in Philadelphia and Portland, Oregon. I tried major civil trials. There were never any complaints from clients regarding competence or ethical issues. I was financially successful. On the outside everything seemed fine.

I had an occasional nagging thought that I might be drinking too much. I ignored it, rationalizing that I was Irish, worked hard, and deserved to cut loose.

Then in 1986, I began using drugs recreationally. First, marijuana, then cocaine and eventually opiates and heroin. Before I was even aware, I was hooked.

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