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Arranging and implementing

formal interventions

Free, confidential help is available to lawyers, judges and law students dealing with alcohol, drug, gambling, emotional, behavioral, or other mental health disorders. For more than 20 years, ILAP has a proven record of providing peer assistance to Iowa's legal professionals during difficult times. If you or a legal professional you know has issues with alcohol, drug, gambling, emotional, behavioral, or other mental health disorders, look to ILAP for free and confidential assistance.

ILAP has no reporting relationship with any other organization, individual or group. We do not and will not disclose the names or any other identifying information of our clients to anyone. Whatever a lawyer, judge, law student or concerned person shares with ILAP is strictly confidential.

Support groups for
​law students and lawyers

Expert mental health and

substance use assessments

Referrals to

specialized treatment

When I needed help, ILAP was there for me.

ILAP's weekly, confidential, and virtual

AA meetings are held Thursdays at noon.

There is hope. We can help, but only if you reach out.


​​Iowa Lawyers Assistance Program


If you are in need of help or are concerned that an attorney, judge, or law student has an issue that might be interfering with their personal or professional lives, there is confidential help. 

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