​​Iowa Lawyers Assistance Program


The purpose of ILAP is to provide immediate and continuing help to lawyers, judges and law students who suffer from addictions and other types of mental health disorders. Reach out to us today.

Whatever a legal professional or concerned person shares with ILAP is strictly confidential. ILAP has no reporting relationship with any other organization, individual or group. We do not and will not disclose the names or any other identifying information of our clients to anyone.

The research is clear: lawyers experience depression and substance use disorders at a rate significantly higher than the general population. Over the course of their careers, lawyers face challenges in their personal and professional lives that can impact their mental health and well-being. Yet experience has shown that lawyers tend to be more reluctant than others to seek help for their own problems. Seeking and accepting help is an act of courage.

The practice of law is meaningful and rewarding, but at times it can also be stressful and overwhelming. When lawyers don’t care for their mental well-being, we can’t do our best for our clients and we can’t be the person we want to be for our community and family.


of lawyers have experienced mild or higher levels of anxiety

Your call is confidential and our services are free

of lawyers screened at a level consistent with problem drinkers

of lawyers reported experiencing mild or higher levels of depression

of lawyers reported struggling with some level of stress



833-301-9529 (toll free)



If you are in need of help or are concerned that an attorney, judge, or law student has an issue that might be interfering with their personal or professional lives, there is confidential help. 

When I needed help, ILAP was there for me.


- ILAP Program Participant

ILAP's weekly, confidential, and virtual

AA meetings are held Thursdays at noon.